WORDS: 540 —  Simply My Judgmentally Dismissive Opinion Of What Passes For Headline News.

A brief “tongue-in-cheek” compendium of headline news that wasn’t worth mentioning much less headlining.  The hidden rants to my other rants.

December 13, 2021

(From Various News Sources)


Pentagon won’t punish any troops over errant drone strike in Kabul that killed 10 civilians

Rating: [+]           Source:  The Washington Post

Does it bother anyone else that our military always has to have some level of moral responsibility for how we conduct warfare, and our “head-lopping” enemies answer to no one?.


Bareknuckle Fighter Suffers Gruesome Eye Injury

Rating: [+++++]     Source:  Breitbart

Why is this even news?  Just visit the ER in your local hospital.


Arsonist Accused of Torching Fox News’ Christmas Tree Released/Lenient Bail Reforms

Rating: [++]              Source:  Breitbart

Um.. who cares about the “Tucker TV” Fox News Christmas tree, much less who or why it was torched?  In fact, who cares about Fox News.


Final accuser testifies in Ghislaine Maxwell trial

Rating: [+++++]          Source:  CBS

I’ve rendered my biased and unobjective decision right here, right now… just go to jail already.


Trump accuses Netanyahu of disloyalty for congratulating Biden after 2020 win: ‘F**k him’ 

Rating: [+]                 Source:  CNN

Both these guys are now irrelevant so they can just go F**k each other for all I care.


Biden signs executive order to improve ‘customer’ experience when accessing government services

Rating: [++]                Source:   The Washington Post

So let me get this straight… the President needs to “decree” better customer service experience inside government agencies… and this is headline news?


Bank overdraft fees hit record highs during pandemic

Rating: [++]                Source:   CBS

In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the Earth, overdraft charges were imposed in an attempt to offset the in-house manpower process to cull out and mail the overdraft notices, and cover postage.  I suppose in some way overdraft fees were likely considered punitive in nature, the amounts charged being a deterrent to the ever embarrassing idea of overdrawing your checking account and appearing financially incompetent to handle money.  Now overdraft fees are a 9 billion dollar profit center for banks.  So then that begs the question, since the process is so commonplace and obviously automated systems are in place that streamline the process to minimize the expense, the high fees tend to suggest the charges are more punitive in nature.  Don’t do the “crime” if you can’t pay the fees.  So, if overnight all checks cleared and were never overdrawn where would the banks get that $9 billion “windfall”?  Not to worry, that situation would never occur.  Having owned businesses in a past life, and living life with a personal checking account, I don’t like banks.. but I accept them.  Here’s an easier way to enforce overdrafts… limit to five in a month and violating that amount means they close your account.  But no.. banks would never do that.  More windfall money to be had letting overdrafts occur more often.  It’s a legal scam.


Hawley Slams BLM Sponsors for Silence on White-Owned Business Boycott — ‘Anti-American’

Rating: [++++]                Source:   CBS

Like the rating says, ‘I simply don’t give a damn’ what Hawley thinks, and leave it to Breitbart to headline his idiocy (and me for regurgitating it here).  “…and as for me, I’m going to stand with the American people.”   When, schmuck?

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