WORDS: 595 —  I think we can all agree that when any sitting president speaks words do tend to matter.  This was all to prevalent during the Trump administration when that clown just blathered out lies and other ridiculousness for simply shock value.  So.. was this Biden statement a lie? Nope.  Was it a ridiculous statement to challenge common morality or traditional thought?  Nope.  Was the statement ridiculous in general?  Nope.  So, what was it then?

I admit, I did an internal “wince” when I heard Biden utter that the first time.  Obviously I thought what others were thinking… “Was this a smart thing to say suggesting we might want to “force” him from office?”  But it took about 1 minute to think that this remark was really an emotional, yet accurate, response to his day spent with refugees.  One might couple those words with all the recent “bully”, “thug”, “butcher” adjectives Biden has used to describe Putin in recent weeks.  Inside that one minute evaluation of Biden’s remark I also considered the element now being lamented in certain circles that these are not totally constructive words if one wishes to keep open a negotiating option for a peace deal in Ukraine.  The idea that’s it’s not prudent to piss off the person you want to make peace with, on some personal level.  But I justified within myself that Putin obviously has no interest for any serious peace talks anyway because he feels he still is running the invasion.. and killing humans for no reason.

Biden seems to understand the same concept I’ve be banging with…. even if he agrees to stop now and go home, Putin still remains a number one threat to the security of Europe, and hence the world with his unpredictable chemical and nuclear threat.   I prefer to imagine Biden was talking to the Russian people with that statement.  Now, here’s the more important point with all this… Putin’s reaction.  You remember what that was?  I don’t either.  Sure, his spokesman, Dmitry Peskov said,  “That’s not for Biden to decide. The president of Russia is elected by Russians.”  That’s it.  Pretty obvious reply, and reasonably accurate without any bravado required.  No verbal admonitions against Biden by Putin at all.  I would expect that given Putin’s only concern is himself and his Ukrainian fiasco, and name calling from foreign leaders?  He doesn’t give a damn.

Now, it makes sense that our domestic politics will find the GOP making a big deal of Biden’s remark because that’s the politics; a setup for the next election.  It would have helped a bit if at least one of our allies stepped up and said, “We think Putin should be removed as well.”.. you know, show some of that unity being bantered about.  France’s Macron was a bit miffed because, he said, he was in some open discussion with Putin of late and he wanted not to lose that communication.  The missing point there is that…  Macron’s discussions with Putin hasn’t gone anywhere simply because Putin is not interested, at least for now.  I did come up with one alternative prospect… there’s a “good cop-bad cop” posturing starting up… Biden being the “bad cop”  I’ve not heard anyone mention that.

Well, whatever the media hub-bub on this remains, Putin remains everything Biden has accused him of being.  The world would be a better place without Putin.  Interesting most feel that way but prefer not to openly feel that way.  Rather sounds like appeasement in some way.  Biden doesn’t seem to be buying that… nor do I, an armchair politico.

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