WORDS: 1,625 —  The exercise that is democracy seems to be simply a collection of puppeteers.. working the strings of their own spheres of influence to control the vast masses of those constantly trying to control them.  We are all puppets waiting to feel the pull of the string from a master who in turn waits for our own pull.  Let’s hope all the strings are strong.

I am reminded of Poe’s, The Raven… “Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,” I was reflecting on the news events of the day and came to pause at a news clip I had seen more than once.  Speaking at a rally in Phx this last Saturday Trump blathered his usual diatribe of lies and fear mongering to his cheering devotees present.  Of note, Trump made mention of his Operation Warp Speed as being responsible for the current vaccines.  He also included with that bragging a kind of… deflection(?)… that the reason people are reluctant to take the vaccine is because they do not trust Biden.  Then he added a few sentences later…  that he “recommends” they take the vaccine, but that he “also believes in your freedoms 100 percent.” And the crowd cheered.  Hmmm….

The news narration on that clip also included reporter feedback of the crowd, having interviewed a few supporters.  The reporter stated that overwhelmingly there was no support for mask mandates or taking the vaccine in that rally.  As the camera panned the crowd.. indeed there was not a mask to be seen in the sea of supporters.

Then the thought hit me.  I have heard  nothing from Trump supporters in general as to their feeling in Trump having taken the vaccine yet they are adamant in not taking it themselves, for a wealth or reasons.. from science denying conspiracies, to politics, to mistrust of government.  No one has accused Trump of being a traitor to the cause; no doubts expressed as to Trump falling short of supporter expectations by having taken the vaccine.. in fact, his entire family has from what I hear..  In the same observation, Trump himself has not really bragged about the vaccine created on his watch beyond just a short mention.  Consider… this vaccine has potential of saving lives across the planet.  Trump.. the King of his own ego, you’d think would be bragging up a storm that he has “saved the world”.  But he  seems a bit shallow and reserved.  But “he also believes in your freedoms.”  Is he holding back something?  He seldom holds back anything.

So, what am I suggesting and how might I be interpreting all this?

I do know that in the dynamics of hero worship, or cult-ish worship, devotion and loyalty usually starts out with the group finding a leader fulfilling real or perceived needs of the group.  They might find inspiration, direction, cause and purpose to look to this leader as a savior of sorts to their needs, wants, and desires.  In turn, the leader administers to those group expectations, finding a power and influence over the group on an individual level.  Each member of the group is having a vicarious intimate emotional relationship with the leader.  But such a “relationship” evolves to being a symbiotic  two-way exchange.  Whether the leader, any leader, realizes it or not, in accepting being the leader the leader then accepts the implicit responsibility to maintain those reasons for the group to stay loyal.  Because if the leader falters in keeping to his/her own image.. well, it’s cancel culture time. Within the group.  Has Trump realized that he needs this base AS MUCH  as they need him?  Sure he does.. it’s why he responds to them as he does.  Then who’s the puppeteer here… his loyalists dancing to his tune.. or is he now dancing to their tune?

So I asked myself… why aren’t Trump supporters taking to task Trump having gotten a vaccine?  Are we at a point where Trump’s popularity “inertia” will carry him past certain disloyalties with the group?  If so, then why?  Is Trump not vaccine bragging because he wants to play it down?  Then I have to wonder… Trump has no capacity to think this far ahead because he’s impulsive and cares only for his own self-aggrandizement.   [insert pregnant pause here]  Wait… is someone influencing him?

Trump has been pushing like the devil this election fraud.  Yet I’ve read/heard that reports from Mar-a-Lago indicate that since the election Trump has been a pretty sore loser.. mad-at-the-world and pissing and moaning.  But wait… if he’s convinced he won and loudly proclaims election fraud… why is he so angry about losing?  Let’s keep following this here.

If in some way he accepts losing by being pissed that he did.. then who does he blame for the loss?  His base??  I tend to agree with his psyche professional niece, Mary Trump, that he will not himself run in 2024 because he does not want to feel the emotional pain of losing again.  Yet he’s keeping that speculation alive.  Why?  Again, is there someone in the background here?

This other “control” that he has (or seems to have)… those serving GOP members of Congress…. seems to revolve around the PAC cash Trump has in the bank, and, his icon-ish influence he has to his base that he can make-or-break “disloyal” serving GOP’ers in their re-election primary bids by removing his support.  Yeah.. ok…  but keeping tabs on all that, sorry.. that’s just not Trump to keep abreast of that much detail.  The greater thing here is why is he, or would he be, so damned concerned what happens in Congress anyway?  They don’t vote for him.  I honestly think he hates Congress in general.  I dunno.. him being a behind-the-scene political, smoke-filled-room power broker is just not him.  Again.. is there someone else influencing all this?


Whoa… could it be that McCarthy’s trips to Mar-a-Lago was not to kiss the ring but pass on his political counsel… give instructions?  But Trump follows no one, right?

Who’s ring is really being kissed here?

Let’s check what we know regarding McCarthy.  He knows the game of politics.  He’s ambitious; common knowledge he wants the Speakership job.. badly.  Then I submit the following… the much maligned “murky” phone exchange between Trump and McCarthy on the day of the insurrection.. this is a CNN anonymous source…

“A furious McCarthy told the then-president the rioters were breaking into his office through the windows, and asked Trump, ‘Who the fuck do you think you are talking to?’ according to a Republican lawmaker familiar with the call,” CNN reported. The report said that details of the call were “described to CNN by multiple Republicans briefed on it.”

The article added that “McCarthy pressed Trump to call off his supporters and engaged in a heated disagreement about who comprised the crowd.”

Now… we can assign the “Who the fuck do you think you are talking to.” meaning in two waysTrump took the phone and simply asked, “Who am I talking to?” or, McCarthy might have been responding to Trump’s perceptions of what was going on… as if, “Don’t insult me, I’m not stupid.” Emotional outburst of the moment.  Either way, by that time McCarthy seems to have already measured up Trump having had some responsibility in working up the riot.  He expressed same later that day and a couple days later on the floor of the House.  Why is this important?  Either way, McCarthy is pissed at Trump and has simply reached his limit of patience.  At the time Trump is a lame duck anyway, due to leave in two more weeks.

Then.. nearly suddenly… McCarthy changes his tune on all of it.  Why?  I’m certainly no McCarthy whisperer nor a political strategist… but if I were to guess… McCarthy correctly saw Trump as a political loser; he lost a second term.. kiss of political death for sure.  Yet the guy.. Trump.. still retained a huge loyal voting base worshipping the ground he walked on… and some PAC money.  I might venture to suggest that McCarthy is trying to keep Trump “alive”, feeding the myth and legend… at least until 2022… where McCarthy stands a chance of gaining back the House and of course the Speakership away from Pelozi.  That’s his goal.

I think McCarthy is pulling Trump’s strings by maybe feeding Trump prospects of him putting up a family member to run in 2024… and to do that with best chances for a win is to carry Congress, at least the House, in 2022.  I’m sure it’s not difficult feeding Trump any story given he follows his ego.  If the GOP carries 2022 then McCarthy can let a Trump family member fail in the 2024 GOP primary.  If the GOP loses all of Congress in 2024… well, Trump will be nothing but a footnote as will McCarthy.  So to McCarthy this is the all-or-nothing, hail Mary.

There’s a question.. what’s McConnell doing in all this?  I’m thinking McCarthy wants nothing to do with him.  Trump certainly doesn’t like him… and Pence is a political nothing given the Trump base now hates him as well and he has no support with fellow GOP.

I’d focus on McCarthy in all this.

I’ve asked a lot of questions here, presented a fair number of possibilities, came to a number of (quasi) conclusions.. all of it based on pure speculation.  In the end does any of this really matter?  It certainly makes for good blog-blather discussion.  I started this post with a bit of Poe’s The Raven… perhaps ending it with Poe  applies.

Let me see, then, what threat is, and this mystery explore—
Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore;—
            ’Tis the wind and nothing more!”

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