WORDS: 740 —  There you have it. Get over the use of the word being a kind of common vulgarity. Those days are over.  To the best of my knowledge I’m the first one in the entire history of the world to assign meaning to this concept of practicing politics.  I’ll start shaking hands and signing autographs in a neighborhood near you very soon.  But seriously, folks, levity aside (or maybe not), this is a post-Trumpian, appallingly anti-democratic Conservatism.. currently being made famous by Florida’s pompous Trumpian governor, Ron DeSantis.  While he’s a shining example poster boy, he’s not the only one deserving of this moniker.

To be perfectly clear here… my terminology, “Prick Politics”, has little to do with the theme of former New York governor Cuomo’s ex-press secretary Karen Hinton’s book about sex, men, and power… “Penis Politics: A Memoir of Women, Men and Power”.  Although, her former boss might fall in line with my definition of how he practiced his politics while in power.  In fact, let’s start with definitions here.  The following is from Wiki.

Modern dictionaries agree on prick as a euphemism for penis. But they offer some slight variations in the use of prick as an insult. The “Concise New Partridge Dictionary of Slang” says a prick is: “a despicable man, a fool, used as a general term of offence or contempt. Often as an abusive form of address, always of a male or an inanimate object.” Similarly “The Oxford Dictionary of English” says “a stupid or contemptible man.”  “Merriam Webster” offers “a spiteful or contemptible man often having some authority.”

So my defining application of the term is this (for starters), “An elected official revealing himself (or herself?) as being a “despicable, contemptable fool, with a persona ignorant of a social consciousness, favoring the practice of political leadership with the exercising of power of aggressively imposing their own authoritarian uncompromising morality that includes avenging and often spiteful retribution toward people and entities that oppose them.  (not to be confused with “dick” or “dickhead”)”  

Pretty much, if you want an example of who in current American politics might fit that definition as relishing in the practice of that kind of politics… well, his photo is on the right there.  This is not to suggest there are not others with equal or less variations, generally with less power to assert the retribution side.  Generally speaking some Right Wing Conservative members of Congress typically fit that definition, male AND female.  I am sure most readers of this can insert their own mental photo of a person they perceive engages in Prick Politics.  Strangely, I do not afford this label to Mr. Trump himself, although elected officials who engage in Prick Politics do follow Trumpian ideals.  You see, Trump was/is an inexperienced political buffoon.  His “thing” centers only about himself and how he wanted his world to be to fit his mold.  He had a life of what he wanted he got.  Stepping on the next guy didn’t matter.  A spoiled brat with severe social dysfunction.  If anything he was a prick businessman but not a Prick Politician by my definition.  He carries with him the propensity to want to “get back” at those who oppose him.. the so-called “enemies list”…  but this is a personal trait for him enhanced from his youth, not exercising a lust for power like the guy from Florida.  Trump already had the power associated with wealth (remember that to him occupying the White House was a step down for him).  Being President just afforded him a different kind of power that he had no idea how to use.  His idea of “negotiation” was threat and intimidation… verbal, and implied by his image persona.

Okay… I will be the first to admit that my terminology here is simply another emotionally driven label, with a largely subjective definition, it nonetheless does serve the purpose of indeed assigning an identity to a particular display of applied politics thriving within our current national divide.  I’m presenting the frustration of it all as I see it.  Simply put, if you support an elected person that engages in my definition of Prick Politics… largely authoritarian, uncompromising, retribution politics…  then I would challenge your support as being un-American and undemocratic.

I like to interpret his expression here as a reflection of his demeanor toward what the flag represents to Americans. But that’s just me.

Then again… who am I anyway.

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