WORDS: 992 —  We now have a committee to investigate the January 6th Insur.…. Um… for now should we call this “The Capitol Riot”?  It seems “insurrection” is a bit conclusive given this committee has been formed to determine facts to form a truth.  The first session was certainly sobering for anyone watching.  But to be sure, there’s more to come!

But make no mistake where I am at on this “tourist” event on Jan. 6th I AM pre-judging it WAS an insurrection from viewing the video, listening to the first hand encounters, political leaders (and Chief Executive) inciting the “tourism”, and indictments of all the “tourists”.  Like many I am waiting for The Committee to find a smoking gun, reach a conclusion based on evidence, and pass any evidence on to the DOJ with recommendations for indictments, if any are necessary.  This is the process.

I am not going to get typically long-winded in this post about this issue (sorta), but there are some observations I should make regarding this process.  Anything that occurs in and around Congress is, by nature of our democracy, is always “politically motivated”.  So let’s just toss that crazy reasoning aside as meaning some sort of finger pointing and blaming, as if the person making the accusation is coming from a higher moral authority.  Any elected official in the country is “playing politics” simply in order to get elected.  The art of democracy, especially in America, is one’s ability to engage in the political system in order to affect the changes they promised to make to get elected.  So… your first goal as a new Independent voter is to filter out the damn hyperbole nonsense in what you hear or read or watch.  Grasp the meat of the issue… the common denominator… what it all boils down to.  Toss in a little about what you know of human nature (which should always include the idea that not all humans are “bad”.. and this includes politicians.).

Given all that, of course McCarthy and Pelozi were playing politics, doing the dance, playing the game… in working to create, or in the case of McCarthy, de-create.. a January 6th commission.  What’s also very true is the very obvious apprehension on the part of Trumpian GOP’ers to want nothing to do with any exploration into the origins of Jan. 6th.  It will expose far too many people in elected office to possible legal challenges, maybe prison time, but more likely the party itself would suffer at the polls in 2022 (I’ve already discussed some of this in my previous post that speculates a different relationship between McCarthy and Trump… HERE).

The Commission/Committee formation was, and is, a chess play.. and even now there’s been no checkmate moves.  We, the public, are going to witness a pendulum sway all through this process.  The first session of The Committee was yesterday and that move seemed to carry the day with the four officers laying out their first-hand accounts, their physical and mental injuries, their own perceptions of that day… and their sincere wonderment and disappointment at some elected people of power minimizing their experiences for political gain, or affirmation from Trump.

What happens next?  Well, as they say, stay tuned.  But it would appear that McCarthy might have made some miscalculations of public response in not allowing the three remaining acceptable GOP selections he made to serve on The Committee.  I personally don’t think he gave a lot of thought just pulling out completely from voting for the outside non-partisan commission.  Again.. those guys are all trying to avoid some level of responsibility in the riot.

I also think Pelozi should have invited the remaining three Congressmen to serve on The Committee.  Now, knowing many things happen behind closed doors, it’s very possible that invite was “suggested” and for whatever reasons the follow through just wasn’t there.  Perhaps the three did not want to refuse Pelozi publically, or maybe McCarthy didn’t want to see them tempted to accept publically.. we may never know that whole story until someone leaks it in a future tell-all book when it doesn’t matter anymore.

As For Future Subpoenas…

I fully expect those to be refused and sub sequentially litigated, if for nothing else than it drags the process out longer going through the courts.  In fact, I fully expect any elected officials that might be subpoenaed just may do it in a unified sense.  No question Trump will completely ignore any subpoena.  Now.. what MIGHT change some minds of those elected officials that would fight a subpoena could be the testimonies of those people answering their subpoena.  Some of the other just might want to tell their own story to try and absolve their role as reflected in someone else’s testimony.  As a strategy I might send subpoenas out to the lesser “witness” people first.. and allow their testimonies to grow the desires to testify among those that might consider fighting subpoenas at the outset.  Let the testimonies push the sending out of subpoenas.

If I were The Committee members I would make every effort to keep testimony moving to keep public interest alive.  As I recall previous scandals.. Watergate, Iran-Contra, etc. many times public interest wanes a bit out of boredom… especially if it’s televised.  On the same note… it can’t look like a fast process either…. and questioning must be challenging.  It’s a welcome thing that there’s no “disruptors” currently serving on The Committee to cause delays.

As for the public… I would hope the push in the public’s mind is NOT to find someone guilty to see them go to jail.  The entire expectation should be toward finding cause, responsible players, and make recommendations to keep it from happening again.   Again.. if there’s evidence of possible illegal activity then that should be passed to the DOJ for further determination.  But the public can be finicky.  We shall see… and hold our breath for the wild ride.

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