WORDS: 585 —  The Trump White House Actually Thought This Up.  Yeah, it’s a draft… but it’s not in the least “only” a draft.  Someone in the White House actually thought about this, and Trump senior staff echoed it’s premise in public.

We have a real threat to the country brewing… and the Trumpians actually think they will “win” some civil conflict, should it occur as a result of voting the end of this year and/or in 2024.

CNN reports…. (HERE)

It is unclear who wrote the draft order, which is full of legal language asserting presidential powers to seize the election equipment and conspiracy theories about the 2020 election.

This nonsense is dated December 16, 2020….. 


Sheer idiocy to even have drafted something like this, sheer stupidity for not destroying this thing as soon as it was rejected, suggesting any sort of final decision on using this illegal decree was in flux.  Then within a few days of this draft date Sidney Powell and Gen. Flynn both echo the basic reasons, also reflected in this draft, as “justification” for what became the “Big Lie”.

Poltico reports (with a link to the entire 3 page draft document – HERE)….

A draft executive order obtained by the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection shows Donald Trump considered seizing voting machines across the country after he lost the 2020 election, using debunked conspiracy theories as a pretext.

Following the seizure, to be overseen by the secretary of defense, Trump would have then appointed a special counsel to pursue “all criminal and civil proceedings as appropriate,” a copy of the document obtained by Politico shows.

The never-issued order would have also instructed the defense secretary to issue a report on the 2020 election within 60 days. The executive order is dated Dec. 26, 2020, suggesting Trump would have used it to justify remaining in office through mid-February, well past the inauguration of his successor.

It’s unclear who authored the document, titled “PRESIDENTIAL FINDINGS TO PRESERVE COLLECT AND ANALYZE NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION REGARDING THE 2020 GENERAL ELECTION,” but it repeats many of the same conspiracy theories voiced by the former president’s closest advisers ― and the president himself.

An order to appoint a special counsel also aligns with a New York Times report on Dec. 19 that Trump was considering naming Sidney Powell to the position. Powell served as a lawyer for Trump’s campaign and was among several people close to Trump who spread the baseless lie that voting machines manufactured by Dominion Voting Systems were rigged to prevent Trump’s reelection.

According to Huffington Post

“Contrary to the claims of Trump and his advisers, the 2020 presidential election was actually the “most secure in American history,” according to an assessment by the Department of Homeland Security conducted while Trump was still in office.”

The more the January 6th Committee discovers and releases shocking documents, the more it makes any true American want to thank our lucky stars that this coup/insurrection fiasco was such an incompetently planned mess, in order to completely fail.   I should make the point that Trump’s imagination in using the military to take over the voting process is strangely akin to to De Santis of Florida and and Kemp of Georgia wanting to create “election police”.. a kind of personal “army”.  As I echoed on another blog, this kind of harkens back to the 1930’s use of those “Brown Shirts” fellows, uniformed and (ostensibly “unarmed) that  existed to intimate the public at polling places and political rallies for that other political party.

My growing rage at what Trump has done, and is doing, to this country continues.

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