WORDS: 659 —  It seems there has indeed been some behind-the-scenes activity on how to “handle” Putin.  Better to have a brain-trust at your disposal than trust only in your own brain.

In my post of early yesterday I mentioned a bit about Biden’s general persona as a human being likely being somewhat frustrated at being the most powerful guy in the world yet unable to help save Ukrainian lives.  I presented that his human empathy might be motivating him to seek out more intel/think tank avenues from which different possibilities might present themselves to him.  As of this morning, CNN is reporting just one particular behind-the-scenes action that has been on-going, away from public knowledge since the invasion began.  HERE is the reporting in its entirety, but a few paragraphs I am submitting below. 

Four days after Russia invaded Ukraine, President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan authorized a team of officials to quietly map out potential ways the US could respond if Russian President Vladimir Putin took an extreme step, including deploying chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, a senior administration official told CNN.

The group, known internally as a Tiger Team, is a new version of the one assembled last fall when it appeared Russia was preparing to invade Ukraine. Now a month into the invasion, this group meets several times a week to examine how the US could respond if Russia were to conduct a biological weapons attack, encroach on NATO territory, target US convoys or any other step Putin may take given his clear frustration over Russia’s lack of progress.
The Tiger Team is focused on creating contingency plans for several scenarios, including Russia’s potential use of chemical or biological weapons, targeting of US convoys delivering military assistance, disruptions to global food supply chains and the growing refugee crisis.
And that’s not all.
The National Security Council has also created another strategy group that will work in tandem with them to conduct a longer-term examination of potential major geopolitical shifts happening because of Russia’s invasion. The strategy group is working to monitor and mitigate risks, while considering how to advance and defend US interests, the official said.
Now, my whole intent here and with my post from early yesterday, was to suggest that our government (and not only OUR government) does attempt to work all possible avenues to seek solutions for, or address, crisis situations such as the one being posed in Ukraine.. and doesn’t sit idly by.  Crisis working groups are often created to address one or many situations and their intent is to simply offer valid and thought out alternative plans of action for the president to make the best decision possible… whomever that president happens to be.  To be sure, the president makes the final decision on a course of action,  and the buck in making that decision rests only with the president.  Sometimes the decisions may appear sound, then the idea implodes as a result of unexpected outside events.  Sometimes the best alternative comes from a field of alternatives that equally suck (I would suspect the departure from Afghanistan was like that).

I think it’s prudent to give some deference when debating issues and policies to the thought processes involved that spawned them.  That while the president makes the final call it doesn’t mean he thought it up all by himself and his ego is carrying him/her decision-making forward instead of contemplative input from others.  Regardless, it’s always the end result of a decision that spawns the politics of it all.  I tend to prefer to think that the average president doesn’t wake up in the morning thinking of ways to get rich, and screw with the American people in some way… and that a good day in the White House is to abuse power.  But if you listen/read some opinions in the media or blogging, that’s the image of a sitting president many have.

Anyway… point made.  Time to move on.

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