WORDS: 931 —  I follow a number of Conservative blogs simply to keep tuned in on current opposing arguments.  On a couple of these blogs I actually engage with those that post and of course I find myself consistently at odds with house opinion.  But one kind of opinions are becoming more frequent and disturbing across Conservative blogdom….  It’s talk about getting into some shooting kind of civil war… and that “they” expect to win it.  Well.. no “they” won’t.

I rarely call people the usual slang names when exchanging opinions because that really suggests a loss of general respect for the opinions of others…and it’s just simply letting oneself get emotional over substance.  When it comes to the gibberish people toss out as “solutions” to problems as being inflicting harm toward other human beings, especially fellow Americans.. well, those people are certainly entitled to their opinions.. but those people are sheer idiots and completely ignorant of the ramifications of violence to solve problems.  In fact.. those people are absolute fucking idiots.  But we are humans and as such we are “blessed” with the infinite variety of our evolved species.. which means, even fucking idiots have representation.

To be fair… the nation is smack in the middle of the worst social and political divide-causing-chaos since the 1850’s.. and then we have a  pandemic killing people, and fixing that reverts to the divisive politics.  Then there’s the weather running amok all across the country because of a human-induced global warming, which itself also enhances the political divide.  There’s no question stress levels are high.  Equally, there’s no question that each one of us deals with stresses differently.  I used to say the 60’s were the worst time in my generation.  No… this is.  Everything right about now seemingly is tearing at our moral fiber as a nation… and the hate is percolating toward the surface like the lava flows bulging under Yellowstone.  (Wanna take odds at which blows first?)

But we should be thankful… we have the Second Amendment!  You see, the Second, depending on your interpretation, is there so that Americans can use their guns to fix things.. force some sort of governmental reset… fend off bad people who want to govern badly and steal away all the other Bill of Rights.  Who determines this “reset” is needed?  Let me help you to answer that… those fucking idiots I just mentioned who want to assure their vote with their trigger fingers.

How Might A Real Civil War Unfold?

There will be no sending-off parades, strutting or pomp.

I really have no idea.  More to the point, I know how it’s NOT going to be fought.  Certainly no romantic assimilation of like-minded people grabbing the family AK-47 off the mantel and heading off in marching regiments with thoughts of a glorious victory for the greater cause, to fight.. um.. who would they fight?  What is the strategy for taking control of the country?  Ah, well.. that’s the little stuff to worry about.  The important thing is that we all have our guns, right?  We’ve seen enough footage over the years with Arabs from various countries celebrating whatever it is they celebrate, by random running in the streets, screaming and hollering incoherently while firing guns into the air.  Maybe the fucking idiots here could do that.  It doesn’t hurt anyone that I can see.

How Long Would A Real Civil War Last.. And Who Would Win It?

THIS is the real question.  Rather, two questions.  I will answer it this way… the “war” might last a whole week, and no one wins.  Oh dear.. how did I reach that conclusion, you ask?  Well, first off we have to determine the starting point of this “war”.  What happens, where does it happen, and what’s the intended outcome, or goal of the war to rally the populace to side with the effort?  When do we wake up one morning and realize.. “We are at war”?  Seems a bit confusing.  Still.. we have guns, right?  And we have enough fucking idiots that want to use those guns, right?

However the start of this “war” will happen, likely the earliest sign of a national disaster in the making will be a collapse of Wall Street.  Markets will tumble.  A run on the banks.  Everything else is a domino effect.  The economy will slow down appreciably as people get skittish about survival and hit the stores.. and the looting starts.  The real traumatic effect will be the national distribution system will break down for a variety of reasons.  That in itself means.. 3 to 5 days into this people will not give a damn about some civil war because they are now trying to survive.  Electric goes down.. followed by water.  By this time who cares about the Internet going down.  War over.  Everyone loses. Welcome Armageddon.  And who can we blame… assuming it still makes a difference?  The fucking idiots who started all this.

I’m reminded of the WOPR computer in the movie “War Games” when it discovers the futility in winning at tic-tac-toe….

“A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?”

The solution to everyone’s problem here is inside the document that’s the source of all the disharmony in the land.. our Constitution.  I heard a quote recently… the real currency in a democracy is the ability to treat each other as human beings.  Our Founding Fathers saw the centerpiece of democracy was entirely around the idea of…. compromise.

Try to refrain from being a fucking idiot, please.

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