Be An Independent Knight


Nooo… my suggesting that you consider becoming an Independent voter (or maybe it’s more like, becoming an un-registered Republican or Democrat) is not to get you to sign up for some member nonsense or hustle money under the guise of a grand cause.  I am also not suggesting that the “knight” moniker means anything other than a metaphor to muster your thoughts, feelings, and opinions toward a cause, and/or persons, you see fit that will benefit the country… AND… provide a focus that our Constitution is the thing we pledge and take oaths to defend.  In the spirit of what it means to be an American we are all some level of knights for freedom and that’s the idea I want to tap into with this new blog.  We can be knights for a specific cause within our construct of freedom… even if it’s just paying a little more attention to the news each day… maybe spin off a letter to your elected officials (as I have done from time to time)… present your opinion to others (in a proper venue).. and simply try and learn to interpret and comprehend all the craziness in order to make up your own mind as to what the hell is going on these days… and who deserves YOUR vote.

Screw The Political Parties… Be Your Own Boss Of Your Own Vote

Look, it’s rather late in my life to go out and march in the streets carrying a sign and dodging tear gas cannisters.  Likely you are of a similar age, or simply had some medical maladies catch up with you to limit your participation in such activities.  So we do what we can to oppose if needed or defend if required in smaller ways.  The easiest is simply to write to your elected officials.  Certainly there’s the old fashioned way of letting them know your feelings using snail mail, but the email thing makes it a whole lot faster and easier.  Congress has set up access to both Houses with links to specific elected officials’ websites (I’ve posted those links on the main page).  Whether you actually think a staffer in the office of your senator or congressman will plop your email or letter down on the desk in front of him or her to read personally, over all the others received in a day, is largely dependent on timing.. and your ability to touch a nerve with your prose.  Most likely your correspondence will become a tick number designating a pro or con statistic on some issue of the day.  Then again.. maybe not.  But one thing is for sure… tick mark or not, your elected officials won’t know anything, no feedback, unless you communicate it to them.  Your pen is your sword… you words are the horse that delivers your message.

You might also consider starting your own blog to represent your thoughts.. and maybe just make enough sense to convince another person of your cause.  I’ve provided the links to connect with your elected officials.  Do it.


Now what?