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Uh huh.

But the reality is…. if anyone wants to take any of my posts and have it reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the copyright owner (copyright infringement)… I would be VERY flattered!  Not only that, the wider distribution of my work in an unauthorized manner would feed my otherwise waning and aging ego to such a degree that I’d have to see a shrink just to decompress.

I am likely not going to take you to court for infringing on my fringes (it takes years and likely no lawyer would take my case anyway), I’m not going to send “Ice Pick” from Chicago to break your bones (he can sometimes be a tad untidy), and I am not likely going to send you my shrink’s bill (the treatment for that  copyright decompressment).  But in the unlikely event you end up gaining from my work, either in world fame and/or fortune, just remember where you got it and spin me some of that as I need a new car.


On the other hand… I don’t need an excuse to take you to court nor do you need an excuse to take me to court (I am SO fortunate to have been born an American!).  But I can submit that while I do have some pairs of pants with deep pockets (my khaki cargo pants, for example), those pockets are empty of cash.  Should you still wish to sue me, the good news is, you will likely win simply because I can’t afford a legal dream team to get me off.  If I choose to sue you it will be entirely because I want your money… or at least some of it.  But again, you can likely rest assured my “strip mall” attorney will not have any court room experience… but likely perfect for filing paperwork.  Of course.. I can be paid cash to just.. go away.  Therefore we can settle out of court.

On the other hand (from the hand used in the previous paragraph)… if your usual preference for settling these things includes sending me on a one-way trip under the sea, or a visit to the construction site on cement pouring day, you’ll find be very cooperating.


This is an opinion blog.  What I post in this blog is opinion in the form of pontifications, rants, postulates, theorums, rhetorical bromides, fantasy, fiction, and my interpretation of reality and events… either historical or contrived.  My posts are NOT instructions, directions, or a bible for others to blindly follow.

If I ever get in trouble with the law the press should be advised that my posts are NOT a manifesto, a call-to-arms, or anything anti-social, anti-sexual, anti-gender, or anything else anti (although my posts could be defined as anti-productive).

Read at your own risk; seat belts are optional.
Warning: There are no airbags (other than the author himself)


Have a nice day!