Let’s attempt to define the idea of being an Independent voter.  Wiki suggests…  “An independent voter is variously defined as a voter who votes for candidates on issues rather than on the basis of a political ideology or partisanship.”  In other words, as I’ve echoed previously, an Independent voter votes for the person not political party; issues, not political ideology.  Although very technically speaking being “Independent” simply means you are not formally registered to any party.  It does not carry with it holding membership in any formal party.  But to many folks voting Independent does serve to relieve some moral obligation toward voting for whatever party candidates you wish.  Quite obviously anyone can vote for whomever they wish even if they maintain a formal party membership.  But again, it tends to release many folks from any moral commitment.  For myself I simply wanted to remove myself from the GOP roles given that party holds nothing in common with my interests anymore.

Yes, I am biased… don’t look for middle-of-the-road here.


But my “bias” is based on my own life experience in applying a measure of common sense  and critical thinking skills (that works for me), understanding human behavior, having engaged in leadership and management, and all that other hum-drum elitist resume’ fodder no one really cares about.  In blogging all that matters is how one communicates for others to understand.  What’s important is that my “bias” is based on a pragmatic application of thought and far less about “gut feel” , stereotypical identifying,  ancestral tradition, or cognitive mumbo-jumbo from mom & dad’s upbringing.


If You’re an American, you ARE a knight for American democracy…


In the spirit of what it is to be an American we are all some level of knights for freedom and that’s the idea I want to tap into with this new blog.  We can be knights for a specific cause within our construct of freedom… even if it’s just paying a little more attention to the news each day… maybe spin off a letter to your elected officials… present your opinion to others (in a proper venue).. and simply try and learn to interpret and comprehend all the craziness in order to make up your own mind as to what the hell is going on these days… and who deserves YOUR vote.