Don’t Like What I’ve Posted?

Well, you’ve read my post, or more than just one, and you maybe have your own similar thoughts, totally disagree, or you could care less what I think.  But if you are inclined to think…  “What makes this guy a know it all?”  How does this guy know if the vaccine will work? That it’s not government trying to control us? That there’s no secret plots and conspiracies being carried out by people wanting power?  How is this guy so sure that mask-wearing mandates are not Communists wanting to deny me our freedoms? What makes this guy think he knows anything about firefights in Afghanistan, the Taliban, or what goes on in the Oval Office on Tuesdays?   

Truth be told, I don’t know a damn thing at all about any of this.  I’m in the same boat as everyone else in this blog and in every other blog.  I turn on the damn TV and God knows anyone can tell me anything and I spend the time trying to determine if I am being hosed by someone… like everyone else in here and in every other blog.  I’m as smart as the smartest person in here and I am as dumb as the dumbest person in here.  There is absolutely NO reason for anyone to accept my opinion as some accurate interpretation of fact, truth, or gospel… nor is anyone in here, or in any other blog, capable of that either.

 So.. in the end, what have we all got?   I recently heard a quote… source is irrelevant.

“What if we choose to exist purely in a reality of our own making? Does that render us insane? If it does, is that not better than a life of despair?

Given I know absolutely nothing, perhaps what’s left is having faith in something.  Our real crisis is that of faith.. displaying very little of it toward each other, our government, even our American spirit.  We pledge our allegiance to the Constitution and we all proclaim we’d die to preserve the Constitution.. but I see little evidence of anyone having true FAITH in it.  I try.  What about you?